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The Joys of Light Language!

Light Language is a channeled, intuitive language of the heart, of the soul, of your higher self, and your guides. Light language transmits multidimensional information that is channeled through words, songs, movement, or art and is best understood at the soul level. Becky Ha'lia is a fluent conduit for high-vibrational spoken light language, using it extensively within her sacred healing and energy work.

Many people are attracted to light language and aren't sure why, just knowing that some or all of it feels good. In addition to speaking directly to the soul and higher self, these encoded messages often include healing frequencies and/or remembrances from past lifetimes. Light Language is exceptionally helpful for facilitating the release of stuck emotions, balancing your energy field, assisting with healing, and activating your DNA in new ways. It is over multi-layered, bringing in complex packets of information through the various frequencies.


I Really Resonate With Your Light Language

Becky recommends that if you find yourself captivated by light language, try listening to different folks speaking and see which ones tend to resonate the most with you. Some people primary speak one dialect, while others like Becky are an open channel for a seemingly endless array of sounds and experiences. You may resonate with Becky's energy if you've shared experiences with her in the past, or if a particular language is familiar to you.


If interested, please reach out to try it yourself! Becky is very skilled at helping others speak their own soul languages in a fun, relaxed setting. Speaking Light Language and helping others do so has been a favorite aspect of her Awakening Journey. She offers individual sessions as well as group classes for those wishing to begin speaking light language or to just go deeper.

Do I Need to Understand/Interpret Light Language?

While some people understand some or part of what is being expressed in light language, many people do not and there is no need to do so. It will do its job best when you relax and enjoy the vibrations and sensations.


Understanding light language seems to be its own skill, separate from speaking, and may take up to years before you open to this ability. There is generally no expectation for people to understand what is being conveyed, only that you open your heart to receive anything that is for your highest good. It can be fun and rewarding to try out your clair senses however and see what you intuitively pick up!

Examples of What You Might Experience

Depending on one's psychic abilities, some people can understand or intuit parts of light language when they see or hear it. An example of what someone may experience if they were to hear light language associated with Clearing and Balancing the Chakras:

1) People who are claircognizant (knowing) may intuitively understand that they are releasing some emotions from their solar plexus or know that it relates to their self-confidence.

2) People who are strongly clairsentient (feeling) may feel the energy swirling in their solar plexus or simply feel peaceful and relaxed.

3) Those who are clairvoyant (seeing) may see the color yellow, which is associated with the solar plexus chakra, or they may see a more specific vision associated with the clearing.

4) Others who are clairaudient (hearing) may hear the suggestion "trust yourself".

Those whose intuitive abilities are more developed may experience even more. With practice, and LOTS of patience and self-compassion, these intuitive moments can occur more frequently and assist you in releasing old patterns so that you can feel great and lead a heart-centered life. As with her healing abilities, Becky's understanding and use of spoken and written light language in continually growing.



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