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About Becky Ha'lia



Connection to Your Higher Self

Light Language

Past Life Healing and Integration

Intuitive Guidance

Energy & Sound Healing

Becky's Story

​I am a multidimensional healer and guide who loves helping people remember their connection to the divine, their multidimensional nature, their galactic aspects and how to be their best selves. I work with the Hathors, Arcturians, and many other guides for healing, activations, and divine guidance.

I began my journey of remembering and diving deep in 2015 as I learned how to heal myself from Lyme Disease. I learned to flow with my physical, emotional, and energetic needs, and rediscovered myself along the way. I've learned a lot and am still learning daily, which makes the journey that much sweeter. I've been blessed with amazing friends and patient guides, and know deep within that all is well. I've learned to trust and let go, forgive and heal, celebrate and honor the divinity within, and tune into the song of the universe.

My own journey continues to be magical and amazing, and I love remembering with each of you. I love nature and have a deep connection with birds, trees, flowers, mountains, and water.

Light Language blesses me in all ways, every day. I sing, speak, drum, dance, and move with the energies and I am lucky enough to converse and laugh, again, with so many of you in our soul languages. The deep connections we all share weave such a beautiful tapestry of love, peace, connection, and joy. We each remember more and more each day, and for this I am grateful.

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